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This capsule is developed to help increase upto one cup size. It contains a natural blend of proprietary herbs that when taken as directed increases the firmness and size of the breast.

Take one tablet twice a day with water at meal time.

Proprietary Blend 1500mg (Saw Palmetto, Extract (Serenoa Repens) Leaf, Fenugreek (Foeugraeci Semen) (Seed), Dong Quai (Leaf), Damiana (Tumera Diffusa) Leaf, Milk Thistle (Cardul Mariae Fructus) (Fruit), Dandelion (Tar axaci Radix Cum Herbal), Motherworth Herb (Leonurei Cariacae Herba), Black Cohosh, Wild Yam (Discorea Compesta) (Root). Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Cellulose, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Stearate and Gelatin.

Breast Enhancement Study - Extended Report

Subject #1 would recommend this to anyone. What it does for your body and your self-esteem is priceless.

Subject #2 is 45 years old and says her breasts feel and look like they did when she was 21.

Subject #3 says her husband wants her to stay on the product also said it has increased her libido.

Subject #4 loves this product. She increased her breast size by a full cup size and had to buy new bras and says she had fun.

Subject #5 hasnít noticed any changes but her friends say she looks sexier.

Subject #6 is very happy with the product because she was able to have firmer and fuller breasts without having surgery.

Subject #7 says that her breasts are firmer and she can wear all her favorite sweaters again because she isn't sagging.

Subject #8 noticed that she has much firmer breasts and has reduced cramping during her periods.

Subject #9 says that her husband is overjoyed at the changes; her breasts are not only larger but also much firmer than they have been since having children.

Subject #10 has not seen any increase in size but has noticed that her energy level is much higher and her overall attitude is better.

Subject #11 hasn't noticed an increase in size but has noticed that her breasts are firmer.

Subject #12 "No surgery and larger firmer breasts. What a product!"

Subject #13 says her boyfriend loves her firmer breasts.

Subject #14 hasn't had an increase in breast size but doesn't want to stop taking the product because she feels more energetic.

Subject #15 says she has firmer fuller breasts and that her husband can't keep his hands off her.

Subject #16 says that all her friends have noticed the difference in her breasts and she loves the attention.

Subject #17 says she is extremely please with the results (firmer breasts) and has also noticed that she is getting more looks than before.

Subject #18 says that her breasts are firmer and fuller, and that her boyfriend can't stop looking at her.

Subject #19 says her husband loves the increased firmness and fullness and has told all his friends to get their wives/girlfriends to try this product.

Subject #20 says that she loves the increased firmness and fullness also the fact that her PMS symptoms have diminished quite a bit.

Subject #21 says with the increased size and firmness that she was able to burn her padded bras, also has more energy on the program.

Additional subjects: S. Enriquez: says that her breasts are fuller and firmer. No more sagging.

D. Duran: she has reached her desired size increase of one and one half cups sizes but wants to stay on the program due to the increase in energy.

A. Hoover: has noticed an increased fullness and firmness along with an overall better feeling about herself.

M. Rael: says her boyfriend loves the increased firmness and fullness so much that he has finally proposed.

Breast enhancement system. Increase bust size without surgery!

Sucessful Customer Testimonials

"I didn't want to do plastic surgery...there was no way I was going under a when I heard about this product (Breast Enhancer-ZX), I said I have to try it. I've been using it for two months now and am now at least a half cup size fuller."
- Amy Levine

"I started using it (Breast Enhancer-ZX) and after about 15 days, this really happened, my bra strap broke. It actually broke from using the product."
- Sherry Connor

"I would most definitely recommend the Breast Enhancer-ZX System to other women. There's no risk and, it's an all natural product and what it does for you in regards to both your body and your since of self-esteem is priceless."
- H. Hancock

"Before using Breast Enhancer-ZX, my bust size was a 34-B, barely, and now after using this great product I'm a full 34-C. It great having to buy new bras with a larger cup size."
- Roanne Reed

"Anything can go wrong with plastic surgery: scaring, loss of sensation...just the idea of cutting into your body and changing yourself is awful. The thing I love about Breast's still you. It's just a better you."
- Susan Trachta

"I feel much more confidant since I started using Breast Enhancer-ZX. It's made a big difference with my self esteem."
- Rocki Porter

"Before I used the Breast Enhancer-ZX System, my bra size was a 32-B and now my bra size is a 32-C...That's an incredible whole cup size increase."
- Lindsay Davenport

"I've tried some of the specialty bras, but sooner or later, you have to take them off and there's the same old you. With Breast Enhancer-ZX, the temporary fix is get ongoing, noticeable changes."
- Heather Gullo

The Breast Enhancer-ZX Tablets is a proprietary blend of mastogenic herbs and exotic plant extracts that increases a woman's breast size by stimulating cell growth in the mammary glands.

In most cases, women will realize increases of one to two cup sizes in just three months.

No. The additional cells that grow in the mammary glands will be permanent. However, all cells tend to shrink over time and periodic use of the product will help retain the desired results.

YES! The Breast Enhancer-ZX products are made of all-natural active ingredients and are considered to be totally safe. As a matter of fact, this program is the only Doctor recommended, all-natural breast enhancement product available.

Some women may feel minor soreness in the breasts during the program. This sensation is not unlike what can be experienced in original breast development. However there are no known damaging side effects. Some additional positive factors are that Breast Enhancer is known to help reduce the symptoms of PMS, menopause and insomnia. It is also known to assist in increased emotional well-being, and in many cases, weight loss.

Breast Enhancer-ZX is formulated and packaged in the United States under strict controls in an FDA approved laboratory.

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