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Now you can have Larger, Firmer, Breast without expensive surgery! Great for naturally restoring firmness and tone. Because of the natural progesterone contained in Wonder Cream it works wonders for PMS. Also helps maintain hormonal balance.

Cream: Apply 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon to the breasts in a rotating motion once or twice daily.

Purified water, wild yam extract, 15% chamomile extract, niacin, lecithin, triethanolamine, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, aloe vera gel, glycenne, almond oil, safflower oil, carbomer 940, dimethicone, jojoba oil, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin B), burdock root, black cohosh, root extract, Siberian ginseng extract, D & C red no. 33.

Is Wonder Woman Cream safe?
Yes. The Wonder Cream is proven to be safe when used as directed. The cream is formulated with all natural herbal active ingredients and is manufactured in an approved laboratory. Wonder cream's active herbal ingredients are recognized as safe, by the FDA.

How long was Wonder Cream tested?
Both Wonder Cream (and capsules) were tested for over 3 years before being released to the public.

Does Wonder Cream contain artificial hormones?
Absolutely not! Wonder Cream is formulated with natural herbs and contains no artificial hormones.

Will Wonder Cream cause weight gain in other areas of the body?
No. Wonder Cream's all herbal ingredients have no weight-gaining properties.

What is the difference between Wonder Cream and Capsules?
Both cream and capsules are derived from the same formula. Since the capsule formula is taken orally, it does not contain the same exact ingredients as the cream. The efficacy of each dosage form is exactly the same, however.

Is Wonder Cream stronger than the Breast Capsules?
Test results show that Breast Capsules are as potent as the Wonder Cream. Faster, more dramatic results are usually achieved when both dosage forms are used together.

How often do I take the Breast Capsules?
The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

What if I've used both the Wonder Cream and the Capsules?
When used simultaneously, many women have reported faster and more dramatic results.

How do I use the Wonder Cream?
One-half teaspoon is applied to a fatty tissue area of the body twice per day.

Do I have to apply the Wonder Cream to the breast itself?
No. The active ingredients are absorbed into the fatty tissues and carried to the breast and work internally.

How long will one jar of Wonder Cream or Capsules last?
One jar of each should be a full one-month supply, if taken as directed.

Besides firming my breasts, what other enhancements will I notice?
Results vary from woman to woman. Most women report definite improvement in the firmness of their breasts and in many cases, breast enlargement up to one full cup size.

Will I experience firming or enlargement of my breasts?
Based upon the test results, women with smaller breasts tend to experience more enlargement with some firming. Larger-breasted women report firming with little or no enlargement.

Does Wonder Cream work on both older and younger women?
Yes. Natural Wonder Cream has been proven effective in all age groups. Women who have had children especially appreciate the “firming?effect of Wonder Cream.

Is Wonder Cream effective on all women?
Wonder Cream has proven successful in 80% of the women who have used it as directed.

Is Wonder Cream safe to use while taking birth control pills?
Yes, but you should see your healthcare practitioner.

How long does it take to achieve maximum results?
Most women see maximum results within 8 weeks of beginning the products. At that point, Wonder Cream can be applied once per day and the capsules taken once per day to maintain your new look.

What happens if I discontinue usage?
You will revert back to your original size over time and firmness will decrease gradually.

Are there any adverse effects for women on estrogen therapy?
Wonder Cream should produce no adverse effects. Please contact your healthcare practitioner for more information.

Have you had any reported side effects?
Out of thousands of women using the product, only 2 have reported a slight change in their menstrual cycle.

What about pregnant and lactating women?
Wonder Cream products are not recommended for these women.

How does natural Wonder Cream work?
Natural Wonder Cream is an herbal-based product that works on the membrane surrounding each cell in the body and allows fat-soluble solutions to pass through the cells. Wonder Cream contains specific tissue-builders that can pass through this membrane. Natural Wonder Cream’s ingredients supplement the nutritional needs of the mammary glands and aid in the function of toning these organs.

The formula contains ingredients designed to penetrate the top layers of the skin, passing through the stratacorium into the cells. The toning effect of the active ingredients also improves the underlying muscle tissue and fiber growth. It is a smooth, odorless and penetrating cream.

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